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Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Days 4: Baby Closet

We are so blessed to have tons of closet space in our new house.  But I have discovered that if you have the space, you will put something in it.  So big closets collect and collect and collect until there is no semblance of order.

Our baby's closet had become this way.  When he was born, we moved the crib into his room and upgraded Little Man to a twin bed.  But somehow, the clothes didn't follow.  Until today, I was still keeping all of Little Man's clothes in Shark Baby's closet.  This led to mass confusion at laundry time.  Do I go ahead and switch the closets?  Do I put the clean clothes in Shark Baby's closet?  So I did what any logical person would do and left them on the couch.

Because nothing says, "welcome to my home!" like having to scoot over piles of folded baby clothes to sit down.

This had to happen.  Here's what I started with.

The first two pictures, not too bad unless you consider that the child who wears these items is not living in this room.  But the third picture?  Embarrassing.  The bins at the bottom are Little Man's old clothes that I opened for Shark Baby, who is growing so fast that I have not had a chance to put the bins he's going through away.

Actually, I went to do it one day, found an outfit that we had taken family pictures in with Little Man when he was 13 months old that was almost too small for Shark Baby, who is only 7 months old, and had to stop and cry.  And if you tell me they grow too fast I will smack you, a 7 month old should not be wearing 12 month outfits, it's too hard on his mommy!

Today I decided to clean it up and tackle the switch!  This was a mass undertaking.  I started with step one, empty them both out!  And...I got so excited that I forgot to take a picture of the empty closet.  Rookie mistake.

I had to go through all the old bins and resort them by size.  I have two bins in each closet: "too big" and "too small."  When he outgrows clothes, I wash them and put them in the "too small" bin until it's full, label it by gender, size, and season, and put it in the storage closet.  (More on that mess later!)

Once this was done, I moved Little Man's clothes to the closet in his room.  Then I had a baby closet with very few hanging clothes.  What I do have is a ton of baby gear and toys.  So in the closet they go!

I hung up the diaper hanger I've never used, it has burp cloth's in it now.  Love giving something not being used a new purpose.  I also hung up the size markers I hadn't used since Little Man was teeny.

Here are my too big too little bins, and an organizer that I'm not using yet.  This may end up being better used somewhere else, we shall see.

I have a bib basket and a shoe bin, and threw all the baby hangers in a basket I've had for a while.

And some toys we're not using right now.  And what is that...the floor!  And the change is even more impressive in the other closet.  Stay tuned tomorrow for that!

31 Days of Organizing Projects Using What You Already Have


  1. LOL I love the part about not being told they grow too fast. oh goodness...

    There are things that I wanted my 2nd child to wear that my first did and that didn't exactly happen as planned. wrong season, wrong size, wrong everything! UGH!

    now my 3rd is the same darn way. what is going on here?!

    guess i better get to cleaning/organizing the baby's closet, too, now. :)

  2. Heather I had the same problem! Some of my favorite outfits were never worn because Shark Baby seemed to grow out of 3 months of clothes in 2 weeks, and you can't wear a sweater in Alabama in the middle of the summer, even if it does have a dinosaur hood that is cuter than words!