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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Days 12: An Organized Pantry

I have 3 pantries.

I know, I'm lucky to have so much storage space!

But that means that when I'm cooking I have to go to 3 different places to get what I need.  Doesn't make for a very good Rachel Ray carry.

So I've divided the stuff into 3 separate groups.

1. Paper goods
2. Snacks and baking items
3. Grocery store

Really #3 is "all other stuff" but we stock so much from couponing that Mr. Rogue Mom lovingly calls it my in-home grocery store.  Previously, I shared my redo of the Paper Pantry.   Today, I will share how I keep my snack/baking items pantry organized.

The first thing I will share with you is that about 2 months ago we had a run-in with pantry moths.   Maybe one day when I'm not as horrified with it, I will share that story.  Suffice it to say, read the linked article, and follow the advice to avoid getting them in the first place!  It will save you some serious heartache and money too!

So I already have all these air-tight bins for my baking goods.  I intended on making fancy labels, but those super-awesome Silhouettes are too pricey to justify what I would use them for.  So instead, I grabbed some washi-tape and made hand-written labels.  Even with my not-cute blocky blueprint handwriting, they are still cute!

A long time ago, I saw a great idea on Pinterest (don't we all), and decided to paint the inside of my pantry with chalk paint to keep my grocery list on.  While it turned out great, I never ended up using it for that purpose.  Mainly because I hate child locks and so I open my cabinets as little as humanly possible.

Instead, I keep a cute conversion chart there.  When I'm baking, I have this cabinet open often, so it makes sense to keep it there.

A couple bins for pouches, and a baby food organizer from Amazon, and this spiffy pantry will do the trick!

How do you keep your pantry organized, and free of pests?

31 Days of Organizing Projects Using What You Already Have

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