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Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days 3: The Chest Freezer

Confession.  I am a bit of a prepper.  Living in tornado and hurricane alley has made me no stranger to disasters.  So I have a ton of food.  And a generator.  And various other supplies for emergencies.

That's a lot of stuff to store.  I have a big ugly hand me down chest freezer for all my frozen food.  It sits in all it's scarred, stained glory in my mudroom off the garage.  Chest freezers are the toy boxes of the kitchen.  Everything gets haphazardly thrown in and it becomes a huge mess and nobody knows what's in there!  And if there's anything worse than a mess, it's wasting food you didn't even know you had.

The solution to this problem is so simple it makes me mad I didn't think about it sooner.  A list.

Can I say, I heart lists?  They make my life so much easier.  Lists for packing, to do lists, grocery lists on the Publix website (have you discovered this yet?)  Love them.  

I know that no amount of bins will keep the freezer neat.  I've tried rearranging them so many times, to no avail.  So instead of wasting my time rearranging the bins yet again, I made a list of everything in that ugly beast.  But how to keep my new running inventory up to date?  

A dry erase board would be the optimal solution, but I don't have one.  Hmmm, time for some creativity.  What else can I write on and erase easily?  Glass!

I have this cheap picture frame upstairs that I bought and never used.  I cut out some wrapping paper to fit, and wrote my list on it.  Easy peasy!  Talk about a 5 minute fix.

My writing isn't pretty, and we won't even talk about that hideous school bus yellow paint (who picks this color?!)  But it's cute, and I always know what I have.  I can stop buying ground turkey for a while, how the heck did I buy so much?

Another problem do you keep your freezers organized?

31 Days of Organizing Projects Using What You Already Have

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