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Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 Days 9: An Organized Changing Table

With 2 boys in diapers, some days it feels like I spend half the day changing Huggies.  (No matter how much we tried, Little Man had no desire to potty train at 18 months old in one weekend!  I won't say I told you so if you fall for that sales pitch too.)

So an organized changing table can be life changing.  

In our house we have a second floor.  I'm sure when they are teenagers I will be thrilled with the separation of space, but for now it's such a pain to carry even laundry upstairs, let alone hauling two heavy children up there every couple hours for a diaper change.  I figured this out real quick while I was recovering from my second c-section. 

But I wasn't about to buy another piece of furniture!  So I thought, what is a changing table really but a waist height storage table? I had an old rolling kitchen island, the kind you buy at the hardware store made of particle board, that was just the right height.  I put a diaper organizer and a changing pad on top and voil√†!

Underneath I have extra diapers and wipes, a bin for dirty clothes, blankets, a first aid kit, and refills for the Diaper Genie.  Everything I need so I never have to walk away from a squirmy baby on a changing table.  Because I just don't trust that buckle.

Does anyone else have babies' rooms upstairs?  What solutions have you found to save your back?

31 Days of Organizing Projects Using What You Already Have

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  1. Nice! We have an empty drawer in our media chest that I now house diaper changing necessities. But, I must warn you.. I now have 2 that are potty trained (and the 3rd is in diapers, of course...). As they don't take care of all their business on their own just yet. I have to run between both bathrooms to take care of #2s. So, now we have what my dad (a father of 6) has deemed "the poopy parade" - i have a diaper to change and 2 bathrooms to run to. Not, fun. but, then again, i can count that as my work out for the day LOL