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Thursday, October 9, 2014

31 Days 8: Book Nook

A little late here on my post today.  Turns out that my little ones do not know or care that it is 31 Days October, and decided to contract some form of the 24 hour plague.  So I have spent the last couple days cleaning up vomit, shampooing the seats of my company car, washing car seat covers and blankies and other vomit-covered items, attempting to convince my child that he does not want to sleep with a vomit-covered blankie, and taking an unreasonable amount of time reassembling the car seat in question.  Did I mention my car wouldn't start this morning?  I probably killed the battery using the cigarette-lighter car vacuum at 11pm last night.  It really isn't my week.

So there are these little outcrops on my roof called "doghouses."  If you have these, you know that they can be a pain, because they create an odd little space in a room that seems to collect junk.  But if you're creative, you can make these niches into cool little private nooks.  Tons of possibilities.

For a kid who can't yet read, Little Man is obsessed with books.  It's his third favorite thing, beat only by his love for cookies and playing outside.  He will often read me a book, turning the pages of Fox in Socks and saying every word that rhymes with "box" that you can think of.  There is literally nothing cuter in the world.  (And to think I used to hate that book...)

But there are many things a 2-year old is not too great at, such as putting books back on a shelf.  Lining them up on the skinny end next to each just doesn't happen at my house.  He stacks them up in a haphazard pile that is likely to end up spilling on my toes.  (Especially this week.)

So now I have a couple of requirements for the book nook.  Cozy, comfy, and a place to keep books that he can handle that will not injure my toes.

I grabbed a basket I had previously been using for toys.  It's really to shallow for toys, they are always spilling out.  But books?  It could work.

Next I needed something cushy he could sit/lay on.  I walked around for a few minutes and then remembered that I have a small mattress that I used when Shark Baby was an infant in my co-sleeper that my wonderful Hubby and Daddy made for me.  I'm so spoiled.  **As we do not have access to a CNC router, we winged it, some day soon I will share the plans for how we did it.  

I even had sheets for it.  So, mattress, sheet, basket & books.  I piled pillows and blankets back there to make it cozy.  Here is the before (with the mattress, because I did not follow my own protocol for organizing steps):

No, the Rogue Mom is not embarrassed to show a picture of her house with crap everywhere.  This is what life looks like working full time outside the home with two littles, and the Rogue Mom ain't ashamed!  OK, enough referring to myself in the third person.

Now let's see if he uses it!

How have you utilized the space in your doghouses?

31 Days of Organizing Projects Using What You Already Have

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