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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flying with an Infant

We recently took a trip from Alabama to California so Little Man could meet his great grandpa.  Traveling with an infant involved a lot more planning than any previous vacation my husband and I have taken.  I did tons of research and made a few mistakes, but learned that it's really not so bad, as long as you know what you're doing.  So here is everything I learned from my experience, all in one place for you!

Making travel reservations: Flights are cheapest on Tuesdays.  They are far more on the weekends, up to double the Tuesday price!  If your baby is under 2, he can sit in your lap for free, but he needs to be on your reservation.  So I booked my husband and I tickets on a travel website (we used Orbitz) and then called the airline, gave them my confirmation number, and they added Little Man to my reservation for free.  We packed our carseat base in the suitcase and carried on our stroller and carseat, which attaches to it (it's a free carry-on.)  I found out later this was unnecessary because car rental companies do rent carseats, which I didn't know.  So call the car rental company and see what they have available.

Carrying on: I packed my diaper bag like I normally would and added my Moby wrap.  Your arms will get tired on a long flight holding the baby if you don't bring a sling or carrier of some kind.  We brought our stroller right to the gate, and they put it under the plane for us.  If you want to bring breastmilk or formula, the TSA makes a special exception for the 3 oz liquids limit for those, you just have to take them out of your carry-on and show them to security.  Little Man fell asleep before we ever took off like he does in the car, and when he got fussy because his ears were popping, I just nursed him and he was fine.  I sat by the window and had my Moby for privacy, so I had no problem.  And if you're wondering about changing the baby on the plane, there is a fold-down table in the bathroom.  It's tiny, so just grab a diaper, the wipes, and your changing cushion and leave the bag.

What to bring: We were staying with family, and they of course did not have a crib.  No problem, we just made Little Man a pallet on a recliner.  I'm sure there are tons of people who would freak about this, but it was a big sturdy one, and in the reclined position there was no way he could fall out, since he's not rolling over yet.  But if you don't want to do this, you can make a pallet on the floor out of towels, couch cushions, etc.  We didn't want him in the bed with us because one thing I am afraid of is rolling over on him.  Just remember, you have options, and you can always bring a pack and play.  I brought my hand pump and 2 bottles and some clothes, and his bath soap and lotion, but not much else.  I bought diapers and wipes when I arrived. 

The only other advise I have is, don't try to do a hundred things on your trip.  Relax!  If people want to meet the baby, they should come to you!  Because flying an infant 2,000 miles is hard enough, right???

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