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Monday, November 23, 2015

30 DIY Gifts for Kids

Homemade gifts can be cool and fun.  And many are more special to the recipient than a store-bought gift.  I've scoured the internet for my 30 favorite DIY gifts for kids.  Check them out, I think you'll find something for every kid on your list!

1. This latches board is beautiful and would stand the test of time.
Via Domesticesq

2. Doesn't every baby need a taggies pillow?
Via Chez Beeper Bebe

3. And these sock sheep are so sweet.
Via Craft Passion

4. But this octopus (via Red Ted Art) made from kids tights is even sweeter.

5. This dress-up doll looks like a great car toy.
Via Cut, Craft, Create

6. This is a tutorial for a beautiful cloth doll.
Via Wagner

7. My kids adore their play food, it's so much fun.  Here's a whole garden full!
Via A Beautiful Mess

8. These dino tails look like so much fun.
Via Running with Scissors

9. I absolutely adore this DIY fishing game.
Via Make It-Love It

10. I always wonder what to do with all those mismatched sheets...forts!

11. There's no need to spend $150 on that particleboard dollhouse when you have an old dresser.  And if you're using it for Barbies just take out a shelf or two.

12. Lip balm is so easy with this DIY kit.  Flavor or color it with your recipient's favorites.
Via Rogue Naturals

13. Gotta love old dressers, here's a super easy sweet little dress up closet.
Via A Turtle's Life for Me

14. I was shocked when I saw how long stick horses kept my kids entertained at Grandma's house!
Via A Beautiful Mess

15. This gorgeous puppet theater is great for a bit more advanced project...
Via Adventure In A Box

16. I love these DIY superhero dress-up outfits.
Via Chiot's Run

17. And more cute felt dress-up items...

18. I might just learn to crochet so I can make this ADORABLE hooded cowl.
Via The Velvet Acorn

19. What kid doesn't love a bean bag?
Via 2 Little Superheroes

20. This mom made a Lego table out of an Ikea Trofast.  I think I'm going to flip over the top piece of my kids' train table and glue Lego baseplates to it.  *Smh how have I not already thought of this?!*
Via Dude Mom
21. These paper alphabet blocks are darling, or you could paint your own with some plain wood letters.
Via Digitprop

22. Do you have a skateboarder, surfer, or snowboarder in the family?  Here's a board cool sling.
Via Kojo Designs

23. And the always useful pillow-fight sheild.
Via Busily Spinning Momma

24. Put together this easy doctor playset with a few things you have around the house and a real stethoscope.
Via My Poppet

25. They will think you're the coolest person ever if you make these fun monster mittens, no knitting required.
Via Martha Stewart

26. Those 18" doll accessories can be pricey.  Build this gorgeous doll bunk bed with this really simple tutorial.
Via Ana White

27. I don't know a tween who wouldn't love this awesome hammock chair.
A Beautiful Mess

28. Here are 10 fun DIY gifts for young girls...

29. This Lego belt is very cool.
Via Delia Creates

30. Teenage boys would love these DIY paracord bracelets, you could even hide "survival" items in them like this one.
Via A Girl and a Gluegun

Like this list?  Check out my 10 easy tips for having a simpler, less expensive, less commercialized, but just as fun Christmas!

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