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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ridiculously Easy Faux-Beignets

Make a fun breakfast with just 3 ingredients!

This morning, like almost every morning, Little Man asked for donuts for breakfast.  And while usually I suggest a banana instead, today I decided to say yes.  The local mom-and-pop donut shop went out of business this week, and I was so sad they didn't make it.  They had the best beignets and kolaches, and the people who ran it were wonderful.

So as tribute to them, it was a special breakfast kind of day.  

You need only 3 ingredients: fry oil, Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Original biscuits, and powdered sugar.

We started by heating some flavorless oil to 350 degrees.  We used grape seed oil and a a candy thermometer.

Then we cut the biscuits in fours.

Fry them for a couple minutes on the first side, flip them, and just about a minute more on the other, till they are nice and golden.  Dry them a bit on a paper towel.

Wait a couple minutes for them to cool, then shake them around in some powdered sugar.

The sugar will stick to the oil and turn them into yummy beignet-like donuts!

There were enough for 2 families of four, so you may want to use the half-can.  But YUM!  And so easy.

Hope you enjoy!

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