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Friday, September 19, 2014

Opening an Etsy Storefront

As many of you may know (tee hee, I am pretending like more than just my husband and mother read this,) I have been making all-natural organic skin care products for Little Man for a couple years now.  He's got some of the most sensitive skin EVER, and everything from Johnson & Johnson to Aveeno to Desitin (don't even get me started on that crap,) made him break out in horrible bouts of eczema.  Even some of the uber-expensive organic products still contain parabens and sulfates - the ENEMY of sensitive skin.

I've been through tons of experimental skin care recipes, trying to figure out what would work on his baby skin.  I finally got into a groove with a group of ingredients I liked.

Then I had a visit from my cousin.  He got a job in town, and in the process of moving his family up, stayed with me.  When his wife brought up her little ones, I made a few concoctions for them.  And then the famous words which led to my inspiration: "Dear Cousin, do you sell this stuff?  No?  You should!"  She didn't really say dear cousin, we're not in a Jane Austen novel.  But wouldn't it be cool if we were?!  I'm such a book nerd.

The idea of selling had never even occurred to me.

But once I thought about it, I thought to myself (and aloud to my ever half-listening Hubby,) "I bet I could sell this on Etsy, it is some pretty neat hand-made stuff."  To which he replied, while looking through the latest Bass Pro Shops catalog, "mm-hmm."  A glowing agreement!

So I've done it.  I've opened up on Etsy.  After much consideration and thought, and a few ideas that were already taken (darn you, Baby Balms!) I came up with my storefront name, Cherub Creams.  Because my babies are such angels!  Sometimes.  When they want something.  Like a cookie.

I am starting out with things that I can easily package, because since I already have all the recipes for my product line, packaging is the hard part!  For now, everything I sell comes in a lip balm tube.  It's a pretty convenient invention, when you think about it.  Portable, small, sealed, fits in your pocket.  Great for the diaper bag.  And Little Man can't get the caps off and smear them everywhere! It's win-win!

So without further ado, a link to my new shop:

Cherub Creams

I will start posting product spotlights here to keep everyone up to date.  Thanks for your support!

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