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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Friday Online Shopping

I'm not a big Black Friday shopper.  I don't love the crowds or the rudeness that it seems to bring out in people.  And I really don't like that the stores open earlier every year.  A bunch are even opening on Thursday this year, forcing many workers to miss time with their family to work the sale.  Not to mention the promoting of commercialism over family during a time of year that should be all about family.  Let's not forget the real meaning of Christmas here people!

Therefore, this year, I am protesting Black Friday by only shopping online.  You can still get some really great deals! This year there are 6 fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the retailers are getting desperate and things are going on sale early.  And to prove it, I've listed a few great sales here.

Before you start your shopping, let me suggest a few more tips for keeping Christmas on budget.  Here's my procedure:

1. I look at our budget and determine how much I want to spend on Christmas, give or take.
2. I make a list of the people I plan to buy gifts for.
3. I divide my budget among those people.  This is never 100% even.  My husband's grandmother is impossible to buy for, so I always have to spend a little more there.  My sister-in-law ALWAYS wants gift cards.  I hate those things, I'd much rather get someone a really great gift!  This year I'm trying to stick to $25/person or couple.  I have 7 siblings, not to mention in-laws.  My sister and I always agree to get gifts for just the kids, so I take her off the list.  Details people, details!
4. I shop around online and add the items I'd like to buy or make for each person.  You can create a private Pinterest page for this to keep track of your finds.
5. I adjust the budget accordingly, making sure to stick to my overall total budget.

NEVER NEVER NEVER start without a list.  Lists save you money, when it comes to budgets, groceries, or Christmas shopping.  Just do it! 

Ok, made your list?  Time to shop!

Kohl's has some spectacular deals on toys, many half price or more, and they are ALREADY on sale.  That's right, you can go buy them online right now.  A couple on my list:

Graco Just Like Mom Deluxe Playset
Originally $44.99, now $24.99

 Fisher Price Drillin' Action Tool Set
Originally $24.99, now $12.49

Using coupon code BLACKFRI should get you 15% off your entire order too!
Shipping is FREE with a $50 purchase.

Target is having a Pre-Black Friday Sale too.  Don't forget to use your Red Card for an extra 5% off.

Originally $15.00, now $9.00
Also comes in red or cream solids

Originally $39.99, now $29.99
This has convenient hour settings, so if you work like me, you don't have to worry it will burn.  It even has travel clips that hold it closed! is always my go-to for great deals.  They have daily limited-time deals, so make sure to check out their  upcoming deals so you don't miss something on your list.  I have an Amazon Prime membership, which gives you free shipping, better prices, and tons of other perks.

$19.99, Tuesday only.

For the crafter on your list, this is perfect!

$18.99, which is 61% off!

Everyone needs these things, for you camcorder, digital camera, game camera, etc.

And then there are the Daily Deal websites.  They are like the TJ Maxx of the web.  FYI, most of these have a long wait time for shipping, so plan ahead. is a site for daily deals for moms, babies and kids.  Everything from maternity wear to toys and kitchen goods. is a great site for anything home.  They even have lighting and rugs. is a designer discount site, for your loved ones that have to have that label! used to be Totsy, which is all about the kiddos.

Don't forget, where you can get discounts just for going to a site through their website.  Kind of funky, but it works.  Happy online shopping!

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